Indian Lake "Moon-set"

Indian Lake "Moon-set"
The moon was setting over the south shore last month.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Shaker Village Detour

Traveling with spontaneity is our style. While Barreling down I93 we noticed the big brown sign that said "Shaker Village, this Exit." So we took it. Six miles of scenic country back roads later we pulled in the Shaker Village parking lot, paid our $17 each, and went on a most interesting guided tour of one of the last of the Shaker settlements. We learned the Shakers were first Quakers and that they loved to dance. They were a very industrious sect: their motto was "Hands to work, Hearts to God." They manufactured brooms, furniture, and many other inventions they sold throughout New England. I've always loved their minimalist furniture, so of course we bought a beautiful Bird's Eye Maple reproduction. Check out the video!